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As we embark on a new year, many will take the time to create new habits in their health and wellness routine. The first month of the year where people focus on cleansing their systems, is often coined as “Dry January.” It is common to have a goal to carry these new healthy habits into the rest of the year. “Dry January” habits come from the main goal of cutting back drinking alcohol. There are helpful steps available that assist in creating and maintaining these healthy habits during “Dry January” and beyond:


Why alcohol? Often, we are leaning for our favorite alcoholic beverage to help wind down and relax. That is attractive in the moment but has negative late night or next day effects. How can we relax and get in the socializing mood in a healthy way?

  • Keep attractive non-alcoholic beverages stocked at home so you have something to reach for when your keen to relax with a drink.

  • Some non-alcoholic beverages that include CBD / Hemp can offer similar benefits (mood boosting and relaxation) without the downside. CBD has often been associated with:

    • Stress and anxiety relief

    • Aiding sleep

    • Relaxation without the hangover


    It is easy to get enticed by old habits when routines trigger remembered behavior. For example, when drinking alcohol is synonymous with going to a bar, a sporting event, or social gathering, it can be hard to refrain from cracking open a beer or pouring a drink to relax and get in the mood. To avoid these temptations / old habits, it is important to identify and understand what your triggers are and how you can make new healthy habits around those social events while still participating and having fun.


    Creating goals allows for realistic expectations to be set and honored. The next step is to map your success towards accomplishing those goals. Here are some helpful hints on how to stay accountable:

    • Involve close friends / family to help keep you accountable to your goals.

    • Write your goals down or post them somewhere so they can serve as a physical reminder.

    • Don’t have an all or nothing mentality. When cutting something cold turkey, it can often be hard to not bounce back into old habits of drinking alcohol. One way to cut back and have balance is to alternate between non-alcoholic beverage options.

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