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MAD TASTY has the best f*cking ad you'll see today

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MAD TASTY has the best f*cking ad you'll see today

By Jamie Madge

Taking the hallmarks of a fun-loving spot from the 90s, complete with sun-kissed consumers and an earworm jingle, creative studio Camp Lucky's spot for the CBD-infused beverage manages to be both pastiche and paean to advertising's heyday.

rom the outset, Camp Lucky's fun-filled ad for CBD-infused beverage brand MAD TASTY has a distinctly retro tinge, with its upbeat custom jingle and distinctly cheeseball protagonists. 


However, it only takes 'til the chorus forTasty Fruit to get fully irreverent, with the singer declaring MT the "best F*cking thing you'll ever put in your mouth", cementing both earworm and ad itself as something you're unlikely to forget in a hurry.


Written and directed by Adam Littke (with special props going out to composer Justin Tapp), the film is so charming a parody that we're keen to try the drink on goodwill vibes alone.


“I am excited to release our first brand commercial with Camp Lucky,” says Ryan Tedder, founder of MAD TASTY. “It is long overdue as we started brainstorming pre-COVID. Our intention was to introduce the brand in a longer-form video format to show our fun and effervescent personality. Regarding talent, I had worked with Adam Littke, the commercial director, on a past project and thought his idiosyncratic characters stylized with a throw-back vibe could deliver the comedic tone I was looking for. If you don’t know a lot about MAD TASTY, this first commercial is all about making you laugh and inviting you to learn more about MAD TASTY and the super plant hemp’s star cannabinoid, CBD.” 


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