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Be a MAD TASTY pioneer in your community! If MAD TASTY isn’t currently distributed in your area, register for our Direct-2-Retail program below. We made it easy to join so you can get product when you need it!

- The first order must include a minimum of three (3) 12-pack cases - one (1) 12-pack case of each flavor (Watermelon Kiwi, Unicorn Tears and Grapefruit).

- Subsequent orders can be any combination of three (3) 12-pack cases.

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MAD TASTY’s visually appealing branding instantly drew our attention. The moment we tasted the product it’s easy to see why it engages such a large demographic. I, myself, drink a lot of sparkling water and having something that is palatable with a unique taste and no sugar is something we are always looking for here at CBD Emporium. MAD TASTY is the perfect example of a company who has executed their products to the highest standards of the industry.

Their technology partner, SoRSE, provides their 20MG broad-spectrum hemp emulsion that gives a consistent dosing experience from first sip to last and allows for fantastic absorption, something a lot of companies strive for and really builds trust between the company and consumers. Although I love all three flavors, the cuteness appeal of Unicorn Tears is through the roof and has proven to be a top seller for us. When you come home from a long day at work and are looking for something with personality that provides you with a calming-relaxing sensation without excess sugar, MAD TASTY is definitely a product for you.


Andrew Young, VP Product Management
CBD Emporium

When looking for new products for SnackMagic’s menu, I am really focused on finding emerging brands with unique, fun, and most importantly great tasting products that will be desirable to our diverse, nationwide customer base. MAD TASTY was a perfect fit, a successful partnership solidified by the hard-working team I have had the pleasure to work with. This team cares about their product and also believes in it.  

Often I find CBD/Hemp infused beverages to be bitter, taking away from the refreshing drink itself. As an avid seltzer drinker, MAD TASTY lived up to the challenge! Plus, how fun to drink something with a flavor called Unicorn Tears, it is fruity and refreshing. My opinion is not as important as our customers’ of course, who have also taken to the product, proven by MAD TASTY’s growing sales. Unicorn Tears was consistently one of the best sellers for us in this category, often selling over 60 units per day. Their other flavors, Watermelon Kiwi and Grapefruit not far behind.


Morgan Brod, RD, Merchant Development

When we opened Apothecary ATL, we were diligent to make sure the products that we carried were high quality and from exceptionally reliable vendors; MAD TASTY exceeded our expectations.

MAD TASTY drinks are delicious and loved by our customers, some of whom drive from quite a distance to purchase MAD TASTY. We are proud to be the first retailer in the State of Georgia and the only store in Atlanta to carry MAD TASTY.

We are proud to be associated with MAD TASTY, they have become a genuine partner to our business. We appreciate all the incredible people that work for them, as they have helped our business grow. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being such a great company to work with.


Geoffrey Levy, Owner
Apothecary ATL


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