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Our Founder

I wouldn’t say I’m a wellness savant, but my interest around maximizing performance, clearing my mind, and hydrating my body led me down a wellness rabbit hole. My traditional daily beverage ritual consisted of a lot of coffee and not enough water…not a hydrating nor healthy combination.

In the last couple of years, I’ve been looking for something that drinks like water but isn’t boring and keeps my creative energy up. This search led me to hemp (which contains many naturally-occurring cannabinoids). I’ve had countless friends in the music industry and family members exclaiming the health benefits of cannabinoids with personal anecdotes on how it’s helped them with performance anxiety and kept their energy going all day. I was a skeptic but felt I needed to learn more. I started having conversations with wellness experts, nutritionists, and hemp industry veterans and experts.

These encounters made me realize that hemp is totally different than “weed” and isn’t a hallucinogen, so I started to add it into my regimen and felt the benefits myself! To take it one step further, I wanted to incorporate it into my beverage routine. That desire combined with my love of street art and social causes led me to CREATE MAD TASTY.

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