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Has Dry January Really Lifted Non-Alcoholic Beverage Makers' Spirits?

Has Dry January Really Lifted Non-Alcoholic Beverage Makers' Spirits?
Kenny Herzog Digital Content Director

Entrepreneur spoke with several companies about their efforts to seize on the annual wellness trend.

Dry January is just about wrapped, but for the non-alcoholic-beverage industry, returns have been anything but sobering. In recent years, a bumper crop of near beer manufacturers, booze-agnostic distilleries and boutique-seltzer brands — among other similar upstarts — has reaped the rewards of folks generally looking to dry out or augment their consumption. And as we get deeper into this pandemic, there's even more of a clamoring for cleaner alternatives that still approach the sensation of an intoxicating pint or snifter. 


Entrepreneur spoke with representatives from four companies who went into with a vested interest in appealing to both passingly sober-curious and resolutely reformed consumers about marketing around Dry January with an eye on long-term customer retention. The bottom line? Their glasses are definitely more than half-full.


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