Mad Tasty

From an article on URBANDADDY:

It’s Thanksgiving.

And your uncle is starting in on the impeachment “farce.”

And your mom is starting in on your life choices.

While your cousin brought some unholy monster called “Tofurkey” to the table.

And then there’s you. Feeling 30% less annoyed by everyone this year.

Because you followed our guide to The 10 CBD Treats You Need To Survive Thanksgiving.

It’s a fun roundup of the latest and greatest forms this natural cannabinoid takes. We’re talking about CBD sleep aids, CBD dog biscuits and CBD beer. CBD hangover cures and CBD energy boosters from guys in metal bands.

Whatever it takes to get you through the week…

Mad Tasty is like the LaCroix of CBD. An all-natural, sugar-free sparkling water in flavors like grapefruit and watermelon-kiwi from the singer of OneRepublic and Interscope Records. Only these cans come packed with 20mg of CBD. And an unwavering ability to put “Apologize” in your head all day.

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